What is the Infield Fly Rule?

My cousin asked for this explanation, and truth be told, this post has taken awhile to write. After asking coach dad, #12, #28, and the internet, and then reading about this Japanese baseball game that ended in a walk off home run, I've learned that it's a rule that can create confusion on the field and... Continue Reading →

What is Defensive Indifference?

This past weekend, I couldn't make it to the Saturday games so I monitored the game progress on Game Changer.  Many teams use Game Changer to score the games, both to allow fans like me to "watch" the game remotely and also to store team statistics. After stepping away from my phone for a few... Continue Reading →

What is a Ground Rule Double?

It's Terminology Tuesday, which means it's time for some baseball education.  I'm a novice in baseball, despite how many games I've attended, and I'm betting some of you are too. Thanks to all you moms and dads who have endured my questions over the years, and now it's time to share with others who may... Continue Reading →

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