Leonard Center Greensboro Review

IMG_4696The change to summer baseball for 13U has brought us to some new destinations in 2018.  Recently, we visited the Leonard Center complex in Greensboro, NC for several games.

The baseball field at the Leonard Center is one part of the small complex, which also includes a gym and a playground.

For this Perfect Game tournament, games were held all around Greensboro – almost all at single-field-only locations. It is unfortunate that a tournament in Greensboro means traveling around town between games – luckily, retail and restaurants were close by to our game locations.


  • Concession stand (more info)IMG_4698
  • Restrooms (more info)
  • Dogs allowed outside of baseball field
  • There is some shade for fans
  • Huge lights and tall fences

Not So Great Things:

  • Field is LONG – 390 in center
  • The walkways to get to the seating areas are very narrow and fans pitched their tents in those tight spots – why would someone do that?
  • No public WiFi
  • Parking area is not paved
  • No EV charging station nearby


The Leonard Center provided concessions in a separate building near the field (also where one set of bathrooms was located). On the day of our visit, the main offering was a hot dog with sauerkraut, chili and jalapenos. We went to a nearby Chick-Fil-A between games so none of us tried the hot dogs.  Other items on the short menu included 4 different kinds of skittles, seeds for $2, soda for $1.  Reese’s peanut butter cups were on the menu, but they did not have any.  They also ran out of ice while we were there.


There are two sets of restrooms at the Leonard Center.  In the main gym building, there are air conditioned bathrooms with several stalls.  Near the baseball field, there are smaller men’s and women’s bathrooms with 2 stalls and 2 sinks.  The women’s bathroom, although on the small side, had sufficient separation and barriers between the stalls and soap was provided.

Other Observations

  • Our car GPS took us to the recently built Guilford Elementary School, with a dead end and no way to get to the Leonard Center. Check Google Maps before finalizing your travel route.
  • This baseball field was too large for a 13U tournament, in my opinion. It was fine, but not a great day of baseball.

The Leonard Center is located at 6324 Ballinger Road in Greensboro, NC.

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