Middle Creek Park Review

I have to admit that I had never heard of Middle Creek Park prior to seeing it on the weekly baseball schedule, but when I posted on Facebook that I was there, lots of my friends posted that they lived nearby!

The sports complex is one of the most elaborate that I have visited so far, with four baseball fields, an additional one reserved for the Middle Creek high school team, as well as walking trails, playgrounds, even a disc golf course.  According to the Town of Cary web site, Middle Creek Park sprawls for 105 acres, and shares its home with Middle Creek High School.  It’s a little unclear to me whether it is in Apex, Cary or Holly Springs, but I easily got there by putting the address in Google Maps.


Not So Great Things:

  • Bleachers not covered
  • So hot it could be called Middle Earth


The concession stand is located in the building in the middle of the baseball fields. You order and pickup your food at the same window, which can be a little chaotic if the line is long.  The menu is quite extensive.  Entrees include a BBQ sandwich, ham and turkey subs, turkey wrap, cheeseburger and hot dog with chili. The concession stand also serves a variety of candy, pretzels, and chips.  This stand had many different flavors of Gatorade, so you are sure to find one that pleases your young athlete or yourself.  Also, this complex has a large, outdoor, covered seating area to enjoy your meal or snack.


This facility had the most restroom stalls of any youth baseball complex that I have ever been to, even rivaling the Durham Bulls stadium for number of stalls.  In the womens’ restroom, there are 15 stalls, 7 sinks, and even a baby changing table.  The complex was full the weekend that I was there, and I never had to wait for the bathroom.

Other Observations

  • The playgrounds are separated from the baseball fields, so you cannot watch the game at the same time you are visiting the playground.
  • When we were there, fans could only enter from on entrance (this is likely more the fault of the tournament organizer that the complex), so parking in some areas required a long walk.
  • Needs a few more trees.

The Oxford ParkAthletic Complex is located at 151 Park Avenue in Apex.

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