Butner Athletic Park Review

Last weekend, the first day of our tournament was held at Butner Athletic Park, one of the newer ball parks in the Durham/Oxford area.

The complex offers baseball, softball and soccer fields – the 3 ball fields and 1 soccer field.  In the center of the complex, you will find a concession stand, a room with tables and chairs, restrooms and a playground.  Dogs (or any kind of pet) are not allowed in this park, but there is a walking trail on the perimeter.



  • Concession stand
  • Restrooms
  • Parking is plentiful
  • Working scoreboard

Not So Great Things:

  • Seems new enough to have WiFi but doesn’t
  • Limited retail in local area
  • Doesn’t allow pets
  • Not much shade


The concession stand is located in the building in the middle of the complex. You order at one window and receive your hot food at another, which is very efficient and keeps you from waiting around in the same place where others are ordering.  There is an extensive menu, and all of the items taste very good.  On our recent trip, we tried the BLT and the Grilled Cheese with Bacon. Other items that you don’t see in other parks include: quesadilla, turkey wrap, fried bologna, shaved ice with 7+ flavors, sweet tea, and Twix. If you want a cup of ice, you’ll pay 25 cents for crushed ice.



The restrooms are in the same building as the concession stand. There are 6 stalls in the women’s bathroom.  The mens’ bathroom has 2 urinals and 2 stalls, and one of the sinks is not working. The bathrooms are air conditioned, and can be a great hiding spot on a hot day.  Doors to the stalls are tall enough for lots of privacy.  This is a pretty decent bathroom as parks go.

Other Observations

  • Coach Dad says it smells nice when you stand near the building because it is made out of cedar.
  • #28 says that the dugouts are a little on the small side, with benches in the middle.
  • The playground is small and can get HOT. There is a larger playground near the front of the park, away from the sports complex.


The Butner Athletic Park is located at 1105 West B Street in Butner.

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