Granville Athletic Park Review

Many weekends of our travel ball schedule include at least one day at Granville Athletic Park.

The Granville Athletic Park (GAP) is located on the Jonesland Environmental Preserve.  The Preserve land was originally planned to be used as a hazard waste incinerator , but after public concern was raised, an athletic park was built on the property instead.  The park boasts an environmentally friendly maintenance program, including organically maintained ball fields and information kiosks located throughout the park to educate on various species. The site even has an old tobacco barn and a family grave site on property.

The closest retail space on Lewis Street features a Wal-Mart (in case you need extra sunscreen or blankets), a Bojangles, and a Hwy 55 Burger and Fries.

As for the baseball complex at the GAP, there are 5 baseball fields – 3 sized for 12 and under, and 2 regulation sized for high and middle schools.  The property also contains soccer fields, a covered pavilion, and many walking trails, and as if that weren’t enough, it gets a 5 out of 5 bone rating from  Rosiebelle likes the lower park where she can walk all the way around the field, sniff the flowers, retrieve home run balls, and watch the game all at the same time.


  • Free playground near the front of the park and for-fee playground in the middle of the baseball fields
  • Concession stand (more info)
  • Restrooms (more info)
  • Parking is adequate – note that you have to pay for admission before you can park
  • Dogs are allowed
  • Hot dogs taste good

Not So Great Things:

  • Seating areas are not covered so you are not shielded from sun, rain or foul balls
  • Field 5 is not as nice as the others – dugouts have temporary coverings and the mound is not stationary


The concession stand is located in the pavilion area next to the main parking lot for the baseball fields. The order window is huge, and provides no privacy for the concession staff. There is no seating.  Pepsi products are sold here, along with (inexplicably) Sprite.  Prices are reasonable.  This concession stand serves one of the tastiest hot dogs of area parks, with chili, relish, jalapeños and onions available for no extra charge.



The restrooms at the GAP are next to the concession stand in the pavilion. There are 4 stalls in the women’s bathroom.  The mens’ bathroom has 1 urinal and 2 stalls, and one of the sinks is perpetually broken. The bathrooms can get very hot.  Stall doors are metal and sufficient for privacy. Doors to the stalls are tall enough for lots of privacy.  There are no paper towels and soap is often empty.

Other Observations

  • In the summer, the for-fee park has a water feature.


Overall, this complex is good if you have non-baseball players in your family and need to keep them entertained. It is not the best experience in the Triangle for watching or playing baseball, though.

The GAP is located at 4615 Belltown Road in Oxford, NC.

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