The Factory in Wake Forest Review

This weekend, our baseball destination is the Factory in Wake Forest. Our oldest son is playing in a Top Gun tournament at that ballpark.

A former manufacturing plant that was transformed in 2003, the Factory is an “eat-shop-play” complex in Wake Forest that was purchased by another group in 2015.  This purchase is good news for baseball fans, as our trip out there this week showed some reinvestment in the area, a Starbucks, a new car wash place, a renovated Wendy’s, and other sites under construction.  Although there are 688,133 drink combinations at Sonic and we all love it, there are times when we are looking to change it up. The Factory complex also contains a Gonza Tacos y Tequila, which is one of our favorite spots in Durham. Haven’t had time to try the Wake Forest one yet, but when I do, I will post a review!

As for the baseball complex at the Factory, there are 6 fields. Fields have covered dugouts and covered seating for fans.  From a comfort standpoint, this set of fields falls into the newer and nicer category.


  • Playground in the middle of the complex
  • Concession stand (more info)
  • Restrooms (more info)
  • Parking is plentiful although if you get there for a midday game, you will have to walk from the top parking lot

Not So Great Things:

  • Dogs aren’t allowed
  • If your child hits a home run in one of the top fields, the ball will not be retrievable – it’s all brush and trees up there.
  • Also in the top fields, fans sit back to back because the fields are tight. If you are butted up against a team with music or boisterous fans or coaches, it can be a bit uncomfortable.


The concession stand is in a free standing building in the middle of the complex.  You order through a window and there is plenty of covered seating.  Selections and prices are clearly posted and the prices are reasonable.  On Saturdays after 11, pizza, hot dog and Chick-Fil-a combos are available for purchase, in addition to the regular selection of candy, pretzels, drinks. This concession stand has one of the largest selection of candy, including my favorite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The drinks are always cold and the hot food is hot.  I suggest bringing some cash for this one, in case you or your player need anything and you don’t want to lose your good parking spot.


The restrooms at the Factory are also in the free standing building in the middle of the complex. There are 6 stalls in the women’s bathroom.  The mens’ bathroom door seems to be often propped open slightly, but the womens’ stays closed (thank goodness).  The bathrooms are air conditioned, or at least ventilated, and I know this because going in there gives me a break from the heat (unlike some restrooms).  Partitions between toilets are wooden.  Doors to the stalls are tall enough for lots of privacy.  You lock the door with a hook and eye lock, which stays quite secure during your time in the stall. The sink area is well-stocked with soap and paper towels, and the water pressure is strong.

Other Observations

  • There is a church service on Sunday mornings.  If you are interested in a church service, you can feel free to join in. If not, you may find it a bit loud while watching the games.

Overall, this complex is one of the better ways to spend a baseball day in the Triangle. It’s easy to get to, has decent concessions and restrooms, and players and fans can stay out of the sun easily while enjoying the games.

The North Wake Baseball Complex at the Factory in Wake Forest is located at 1845 Grandmark Street.

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